Costa Rica BACH

Taste profile: cognac, raisins, candied hibiscus
Altitude: 1850 m.n.m.
Area: Tarrazú - Mirazú Farms
Classification: SHB
Variety: SL28,Geisha,Typica,Paraiso
Harvest: October 2023
Processing: Raisin Black Honey & Rum Barrel Aged
Score: 91
Roast degree: OMNI roast

Just a little bit different than our Mozart!

100% mucilage and zero water. This process brings to the light real importance of perfect timing. On the day of harvesting, the coffee cherries are sent to dry on african beds for at least three days, then after finding an optimal time, the skin of the cherries is removed, the mucilage is retained, and the cherries will be sent for drying. At this stage, the climate factor is the key to the success of raising honey processing. There must be slow dried to ensure the surface of the coffee has the fermentation processing, but not too slow that might risk the coffee to overferment.During the drying process, the cherries must be turned over and over at a fast frequency to allow for even dry.
The overall texture offer rich tastes and changes and saturated with oils while retaining a clean taste! The sweetness of the coffee is excellent! The acidic changes from berry to citrus acidity provide a rich and varied experience at different levels.

There is an addition to raisin-honey process and thats aging after drying process in rum barrel. It definitely adds nice dark twist to your cup of coffee.


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