Burundi Gitwe Hills

Altitude: 1960 mamsl
Area: Kayanza (Gitwe) - Long Miles Coffee Estate
Classification: FW Scr. 15+
Variety: Bourbon
Collection: April 2020
Processing: washed
Score: 85
Roaster level: Expert

The most famous producer and project of this country at the same time is undoubtedly the Long Miles Coffee Estate. The Carlsson family founded the Heza processing station in 2014. In addition to the classic dry method, experimental processing with the "honey" method was introduced here for the first time in the area. Heza even has its own plant nursery for more than 15,000 coffee trees - trying to transform a war-ravaged country. The proximity of the rainforest, high altitude and the presence of 2 mineral springs ensure exceptional varieties of selected coffee. By purchasing coffee from Long Miles, we support the local community and fair trade. This is our second variety.


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