Tanzania Mwankumbe

Altitude: 1600 - 1850 mamsl
Area: Ngorongoro Crater - Edelweiss
Classification: AB Plus
Variety: Bourbon, SL28, SL34
Collection: February 2019
Processing: washed
Score: 84.5
Roaster level: Advanced

Tanzanian coffee has been associated with the Haya tribe since the 16th century. Even after colonization, coffee was called "Haya Coffee". The friendly climate and politics meant that small farms now account for 90% of coffee exports. The availability of selected varieties is also supported by the British classification - as with other African coffees. The Edelweiss farm was bought from German settlers in 1969 and now belongs to the third generation of the Coffee Exporters coffee community. The area around the crater is a strictly protected area, as the farms are in close proximity to the exceptional Ngorongoro rainforest. It is also the highest coffee growing area in the country. The whole crop must be harvested here by hand.


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