Certified eco-roastery

The prefix “eco” has been very popular lately. Everyone wants to be eco-friendly, everyone loves organic and it’s best to trade fair-trade. That’s easy to declare. Many do so but often these are just claims. 

However, the hardest thing to do is to do everything right even when no one is watching.

We have been pursuing sustainable philosophy from the very beginning. However, to start a functioning “green” business is not an easy thing to do.  We manage to do it gradually. Using an electrical coffee roaster was our first step towards our green initiative and gradually we have taken more steps to be greener.

We have have always been satisfied with electrical coffee roaster. At the beginning we learn to operate it by trial and error and sometimes it took us days to reach the desired parameters and taste profiles. Coffee roasting is a science, you know. The important thing though is that we didn’t give up and as a result we’ve been roasting coffee for you for almost 8 years now. Many of you say that our coffee just tastes different (and we are glad you still like it:)). We know that the roasting process contributes significantly to the final cup taste. Therefore, we will take this process to the new level around which we will build everything else.

After 6 months of intensive efforts, we are finally starting the first roasting attempts on our Typhoon roaster. Compared to our first roaster it can roast 6 times more coffee in only 2/3rds of time. As every other coffee roaster loves to play with his new “toy” we do too, but there is more to it.


We are very proud that our coffee roaster has a certificate of green industry. Not only the emissions from the roasting process are minimized, we also use renewable solar energy to power it. After having all the inputs and outputs evaluated, we have succeeded. We will soon be happy to welcome you in our new space, so that you will be able to see how a coffee roastery works. And especially what it looks like – with brand new solar panels on our roof!



We are even the first in Slovakia to have a CO2-neutral certificate! We grow and improve just because of your support for which we owe you a big THANK YOU <3