Panama Altieri

Taste profile: pistachios, chocolate, mirabell plum
Area: Altieri coffee
Classification: Nano Batch
Variety: Caturra
Harvest: august 2023
Process: slow dry natural
Score: 87
Altitude: 1800 masl


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Freshly roasted coffee beans just as you like it! Try roasted coffee beans Peru for a round, mild, roasted chestnuts and rum flavour. First and even most importantly, we have loved this one for years for its decent, chocolate after taste and we think we can never stop. However, this is certainly one of yours favourite.

About peruan coffee industry

CECOVASA initiative associates small farmholders of Peru, mainly from Tambopata, Sandia and Puno regions. They can only grow organic coffee here. Their farms are usually situated in very high altitude: from 1300 to 1800 masl. Coffee from northern coast of Titicaca Lake is cultivated by Aymars – local native inhabitants  which we can find in Bolivia and Chile as well, all about 1 milion.

Coffee trees grow at altitude from 1500 to 1800 mamsl, which is probably really high for any plants to grow. Despite this fact, the coffee from here are really unique. It´s really strange that we can not grow coffee in neighbor´s state –  Chile though.  The number two fact of uniqueness because of transport from war country to the whole wide world. We are really grateful for projects like Long Miles – they do a really good job.

Classification: SHG EP

In this blend we can mostly find Typica, because that is a very common variety in Peru. Above all it contains Bourbon and Catimor, both pretty much common as well. Very large and long beans are typical for peruan coffee – that´s how we can always recognize it.

Collection of cherries happened from June to August last year – 2019.

SCA scored this blend on 83.5 points, which by any means it´s a good cup of specialty coffee.

Try once, next time yours roasted coffee beans Peru will charm you even most!

If you ever drinked peruan coffee, you must certainly know what we are talking about.

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