Hario V60-02 Metal Dripper – Copper

History: In the 1930s, a woman named Melitta Bentz came to the charm of pouring coffee through a filter and later patented this dripper herself. The first drippers were originally metal and their appearance has been preserved to this day.

Description: A unique metal dripper from the Hario company makes every home or café sitting special. Steel is known for its ability to store heat, which automatically means better coffee preparation. The conical shape and special notches thus also contribute to enjoy unique moments.

Preparation: for the dripper we need a mug or "container" for filtered coffee, 27g of coffee (for 2 servings), 350ml of water. We heat the water to 92 degrees, in the first phase we pour and let it drip for 30 seconds. In the second phase we pour it until there is no more water left. The whole extraction should take 3 minutes.

Material: stainless steel, silicone


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